Clara Sze Man Choi

… I work at Shopify, and they make really really awesome ecommerce software
ALWAYS ready for a challenge

I am a software developer on the data team. I spend most of my time counting lots of interesting things. I discover (and sometimes solve) billing-related problems.

I like ideas, and I like bringing them to reality. I like to ask, why not? I like to step up the game. I like simple designs that are well-thought out. I get excited about the small things in life, like having easy access to tolberones. I really really like to eat.

I enjoying playing badminton, starcraft 2, table tennis, Civilization 5, Settlers, and cooking.

During my free time, I like to think about the mystery of life, what -ifs, reading about the latest tech/science, spending time with my family and friends, and watching TV.

 Lastly, I have trouble keeping a regular sleeping schedule, rewards for anyone who can help.


You can reach me by emailing me AT